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General - butterfly
I... am eating spaghetti and meatballs.

For those of you who do not know, I usually have more cheese than spaghetti in my spaghetti. It is literally all covered with cheese.

Somebody just sneezed, and I... dropped. My poor meatball.



Not really. But it would've been cool, yeah?

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Somebody's in quite the mood...

*cheesy grin* What can I say? I like being difficult...

*is the same way with psketti*

*is glad she is not alone*

It tastes better with a lot of cheese, methinks

It's the same way with lotsa things, I think, you can eat it alone, but it's boring that way, LOL.

P.S. your icon? ♥. ♥♥♥.

So very true, lol.

Ah thankies :) 'Tis the marvelous work of Sammeh

Will have to tell her she is geniosity...

*more icon love*

She does make icons that truly reek of awesomeness

ah, hee!

You keep using icons that make me squee!!!

... all of my icons recently become more of the blondewashed variety, lol

Lmao. That was the best LJ entry EVER.

Heh *bows* Thanksya ^_^

aww now I want spagetthi... LOL

Ohmygod. I read that and you TOTALLY made my morning XDDD

Teehee, glad to be of service ^_^

LMFAO! Hilarious ^_^

Mind if I add you?

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